Monday, December 14, 2009

Iris? Oh Please.

go ahead. make everyone feel bad for you.
make yourself out to be this giver;
this girl who never looks out for herself &does everything for everyone;
expecting nothing in return; just doing it because you're such a good person.
bullshit. i know it; they might not; but i do because ive known you for 19 years.
sit there &say i did nothing for you;
sit there and say you did countless things for me;
say you put your ass on the line for me countless times &i've done nothing in return.

why is it that everytime you have a slight issue im always turned into the bad guy;
your anger is always shifted from the person who pissed you off directly to me;
&yet i still chase after you &try to calm you down &talk everything out with you;

why is it that everytime you get shitfaced drunk im there making sure you're ok;
making sure you're not doing something stupid.

why is it that i dropped everything i was doing;
ran to come get you &put my own safety on the line;
to come get you; from some asshole who almost killed you.
for you only to go back to him in the end.

why is it that i wouldnt let a guy talk to you for almost a year;
just because i wanted to make sure he was good enough for you.

why is it that i've cursed out MANY of my other friends because they said something about you;
why is it that i've distanced myself from some friends because you didnt like them.

i've put my life on the line; stopped having fun just to make sure you're ok;
cut certain people out of my life; lost friends;

done all of this &yet you STILL have the audacity to sit there &say i do nothing;
sit there &blame me for sabotaging your relationship with him when you did that yourself;
you did that with your insecurity &your jealousy;
when you had no reason to; he was crazy about you.

how can you sit there &claim that im a whore; claim i want him;
i was vying for his attention this whole time.

you know it doesnt phase me when people i dont care about say shit about me;
call me a bitch &a whore &every other name they can possibly think of;
but when someone im that close with; someone i call my sister;
someone i branded on my wrist;
says shit like that to me; you have no idea the kind of pain thats caused.

i was a damn good friend; &while i may not be the first to want to sit down &have deep conversations all the time; i was there for you when it mattered most.

so go ahead; make everyone feel bad for you;
you can be the princess; &ill be the big bad bitch;
you did always enjoy me playing this little part for you;
it makes you look that much more innocent.

but you wanna know something?
to the person who knows the truth;
its not innocence; you're not as great as you seem;
&now all i see you as; is pathetic.

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