Monday, November 9, 2009

let me know

i saw everythinq i ever wanted in your smile;
i felt everythinq i ever needed in your finqertips;
i heard my future in your lauqh;
now i can taste the poison slowly settinq in;
i dont qet excited when i speak your name anymore;
i tear up; look down; &stop speakinq;
the subject is too difficult lately.

i thouqht we were qoinq to prove everyone wronq;
but im startinq to qet the feelinq that everyone was &is riqht;
that we were just a flinq; we shouldnt have tried to put feelinqs in the mix;
we should have stuck to what we were qood at.
cuz now im startinq to notice thinqs;
startinq to think you dont feel the same way you did.
you dont want the feelinqs part;
you want to feel me; not feel for me.

i hope this isnt true;
i hope im wronq; my instincts are just messinq up;
&everythinq is completely okay.
im too scared to brinq it up to you;
too scared that if i do; if i talk to you about it;
ask you about it; i wont qet the answer im lookinq for;
&my whole world will fall on my head.

this is my way of brinqinq it up;
this is my way of askinq about it;
&if im wronq; hit me up; tell me im stupid;
tell me you do care; &everythinq was in my head.

but if im riqht; qive me one last day with you;
pretend nothinq is wronq; pretend im the qirl you want;
&then after that perfect day; let me know;
it will be hard; but i will let you qo;
we'll qo back to how it was before the feelinqs were put in the mix;
&when i look at you i will only see my best friend.

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