Thursday, October 8, 2009

we will get through this;
its us against the world.

she hurt you; she made you fall in love;
&then slowly injected poison into your bloodstream.
she was your everything; you gave her the world;
she took it; &ran off with your friend; &jumped into his bed.
she hid it from you; lied to you; tore a friendship &a life apart.
you tried to make it work; you tried to forqive;
but you couldn't seem to make yourself forget;
so you had to let go; you had to distance yourself.
you moved on; you stayed friends with her;
but you had someone else in your life.
she wouldn't accept this; she needed revenge; longed for it.
so she thought of the worst thing she could possibly do;
she came up with a plan; a plan to prove that she could still hurt you;
a plan to break you; once again.
she ran off with a friend again; except this time; it was your best friend.
the one you called your brother; &she jumped into his bed.
maybe you weren't completely over it; because when you found this out;
you felt rage start to boil inside you; you started to shake;
but you could do nothing but sit there &stare down at the computer.
one thing is for sure; if you weren't over her before; you're definitely over her now.
she got her revenge; she pissed you off; but because of her need for revenge;
all she did was lose a friend; &gain a few more enemies;
now you dont know what to do; you've lost your brother; because he was just as wrong in the situation;
but dont worry babe; you have me;
&i will be here; by your side until the end.

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