Sunday, September 27, 2009


im thankful;

im thankful for you.

why? well that's easy.

you're the single most amazing person i know.

everything you've ever done for me;

you didn't have to do.

if anyone else was in your position;

they probably wouldn't have stayed by my side.

you stood by me; some girl you've known for under a year.

when all of your friends; people you've known for most of your life;

were telling you im trash; &you should dump me as so.

but you refused. you stood by me through everything.

&im thankful.

why else am i thankful?

i get to stare into those gorgeous;

sometimes blue; sometimes brown; but naturally green eyes you have.

i get to feel your arms around me just because you want them there.

i get to fall asleep from you slightly touching my skin; or rubbing my head;

or lightly kissing my neck; all of which cause me to fall asleep with a goofy smile on my face.

i get to wake up knowing that if nobody else cares about me anymore;

you; my best friend; still do; &honestly, thats really all that matters to me.

i get to be lazy with you; have pillow fights; talk for hours online;

tuggle you; kiss you; just, be with you.

&for as long as that lasts; ill be the luckiest girl in the world;

&for that; im thankful.

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