Saturday, September 12, 2009

For the Chuck to my Blair; Richie <3

you simplify my mind into just me &you;
you're all i need baby; nobody else will do;
you're finqertips liqhtly touch my skin &i melt in your arms;
i've never felt like this for a quy before;
you've qot me hypnotized with your charm;
the way i cant be mean to you; no matter how hard i try;
how you're the only person i know that can make me lauqh; when all i wanna do is cry;
you've literally saved my life before; when everyone else walked out;
we're qonna be qreat toqether; about that; i have no doubt;
you've been here from day one; by my side for everythinq;
defendinq me whether i was wronq or riqht; with me throuqh anythinq
you could have walked out; i was causinq problems for you too;
but you stayed with me babe; &for that i thank you;
you're the man of my dreams; &my very best friend;
so; no matter what happens between us; i never want our friendship to end.

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