Saturday, September 12, 2009


they say as time goes on people grow apart;
i just never thought that applied to us.
we had plans; we always said we were gonna move in together;
go on our roadtrip to cali &take over;
but avoid any deserted areas; cuz ya know; we seen way too many horror movies.
it was always me &you; you &me. together. for anything life threw at us.
we've been hit w| racial slurs; pety fights; things that would make anyone else back down;
but us? never.
at least i thought never. until last night.
you let things get to you. you said it was a one sided friendship when you have no idea the times i fought for you.
you know the harm i can do to people's lives; just imagine what i do to them if they hurt my sister.
my other half; the only person i have ever trusted w| everything;
but i guess i didnt do enough. i guess our bond wasnt strong enough to get through this.
we always tell people dont let ignorance block their vision;
but when times got tough; &the race issue comes into play you backed down;
how many times have i gone somewhere w| you &been stared at because i was the only white girl in the room?
probably the same amount of times you were the only black girl in the room.
but we always got through it w| a shrug; or a laugh; or sometimes a fight or an arguement;
but regardless; we got through it.
so i guess this was too much. whatever happened was too much for you to handle &you have someone else you can lean on now.
you have just as strong of a bond with her that you had w| me &i have no purpose anymore.
all the arguements &drama arent worth it anymore.
'best friends through thick &thin; no matter what'
'lets never fight again cuz i felt so incomplete without my sister by my side'
'i mean c'mon we have a tattoo for each other'
all of this has no meaning now; its just memories that for now brings tears to my eyes;
but i know in time it will bring smiles. the pain will subside &ill remember only the good.
so i guess time went on; we grew apart; &iris was finally buried for good.

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